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Iconic Girls for Marc Cain Spring/Summer 2018 Berlin 05 July 2017

Anmari Botha, Irma Spies, Julia Wulf, Marie Kapferer, Rosalie Willnow, Raina Masters, Nico Poturalski, Zoe Willim for Marc Cain Spring/Summer 2018 Berlin

808315410.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808314780.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315248.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808314778.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315414.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315186.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568  808314816.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315420.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315428.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568808315168.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568 808315232.jpg_609_0_3102.13432836_5568

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    Intrinsic to the management component Iconic Management also stands for a full scale effort to match customers with projects and campaigns that are deemed best suited to particular talents, image building, considerations and professional objectives.

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