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Chloe Lloyd for Nuit Magazine January 2017 25 January 2017

Chloe Lloyd for Nuit Magazine January 2017

by Andrea Vecchiato
styling by Sarah Byrne
hair and make-up by Martha Sitwell
interview by Dena Tahmasebi


How did you first get into modelling?
I got scouted a few times when I was very young. First by Sugar magazine (which doesn’t even exist anymore) and then by Select at the Clothes show live and a few others, but I was way too young and at school. I actually ended up winning an online competition which got me a campaign straight after college so I moved to London and started modelling full time.

What’s the most exciting project you have been involved in so far?
It’s probably when I did a Maybelline commercial. I remember watching those television ads as a kid and seeing models like Adriana Lima and Christy Turlington doing them so it was a dream coming true for me.

What else are you interested in besides modelling?
I love arts and anything creative. I’m planning to work hard this year and hopefully create my own brand. I’m style and beauty obsessed like most girls. I also love to cook!

Where do you live and where in the world are you the happiest?
I’m from Cheshire in the North West but I live In London and have since I first started modelling! Although I love this city I’d definitely say I’m happiest by the beach and in the sun, there is nothing better.

You are a big profile online. Have you ever experienced online bullying?
Of course! I’m pretty sure most people who do a job like mine have and most people who don’t have as well.  I can’t say I care when I get harassment online as I’m older and don’t rise to it. I know the people behind it are usually insecure or have nothing else to do. However when I was younger it would effect me much more just like it does to millions of young people every day. ‘Bullying’ is a strange term as it makes you think that the other person is always being affected by the ‘bullying’ but it doesn’t. If someone is being rude and attacking you for no reason to try and bring you down or worse – they’re a bully. Ignored or not. 

In your opinion, who engages in online trolling?
 I used to think it was just young adults but it really isn’t. Maybe the majority is but if you look at any gossip website the comment section is riddled with cruel people of all ages taking aim at other people (women mostly). Instagram is the same, people actually have the cheek to comment rude things under a persons own personal picture. I will never understand.

What do you think about the current law’s put in place to protect us against online abuse?
I don’t think the law can keep up with the pace that we interact online. The internet is now an extension of real life to young people all over the world and the suicide rates are astounding. Targeted harassment, hate campaigns, hoaxes, impersonation etc can make even the strongest people think their world is crumbling. Although it is ‘online’ a lot of the time it overlaps into real life causing people to hurt themselves, kill themselves and do many things that should be intervened by the law. Cyber bullying is considered a criminal offence under several different acts but is not yet illegal. 

Do you feel social media platforms such as IG or Twitter take enough actions on their part to prevent bulling incidents?
Most websites have a ‘report’ tool and will remove the comment once it’s been accessed. However there are thousands of tweets and comments out there so I’m  sure it’s difficult.  I would say if you’re receiving nastiness online then always block and report them. Most of the time these people wouldn’t dare be rude in real life and they hide behind a screen where they can be arrogant and write what they wish – which is good because there isn’t a block button in real life! 

What advice would you give to anyone who finds themselves being trolled online?
Like I said always block and report so you don’t have to see it and they can’t contact you. Remember people that want to personally attack anyone else for no reason must have huge insecurities in themselves. Let them get on with it and don’t pay attention, if you rise above them they will soon move on. If you feel you have to respond then do it over private message or text as they may be doing it in in public to attempt to embarrass you.  Simply ask why they care so much and don’t rise to their level. Although I’ve learnt it’s best not to respond to these people as they will always manipulate and attack anything you put to try and get a rise or attention off their followers – they’re simply not worth your time nor worth you getting upset over. There are also a lot of help lines that you can contact and if you’re you.

Chloe Lloyd is British model signed with Select models management in the UK. Chloe has fronted campaigns for Maybelline Schwarzkopf and Thomas Sabo as well as gracing the covers of Elle Portugal and Elle Norway. Chloe is also on the radar of huge lingerie giants Victoria Secrets.

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