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What charities and/or social causes are you involved with or passionate about? Why?
– I volunteer twice a week at an animal rescue close to where I live. Im passionate about this because i’ve always been around animals (dogs in particular) and I love caring for them and being around them.
What is your idea of a perfect rainy day?
– The perfect idea of a rainy day is baking my famous vegan banana chocolate chip muffins and watching a funny movie!
If you could complete in any Olympic event, which one would you choose to enter?
– If I could compete in any olympic event it would be Wrestling.
What is your favorite saying or quotation?
– “Memories make you sentimental, experiences make you smart.” – Amit Kalantri
What is the biggest trick or joke you’ve ever played on someone else?
– The biggest trick i’ve played on someone is removing the icing from a Oreo cookies and replacing them with toothpaste for filling, and watching them eat it with confusion on their face!
If you could walk into any painting and actually experience the moment or scene that it depicts, which painting would you choose to enter?
– If I could walk into any painting and experience the moment it would be The Starry Night by Vince van Gogh

Interview with W Magazine on June 14th, 2017:


How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 21-years-old and from West Palm Beach, Florida. I grew up like, five minutes from the water. My parents are both Jamaican.

What are some of your favorite beaches in Florida?

I like South Beach, but for a more chill beach, I’d go to Flag Pole Beach, which is in West Palm Beach. It’s for families, not parties.

Are you a one-piece girl or a two-piece girl?

Definitely two-piece. The Victoria’s Secret Pink Date V wire bra that I’m wearing actually comes in a swimsuit form—that’s originally what inspired it. It’s definitely a trend.

So it’s a trend for your bra to be inspired by swimwear?

Yeah, I think so!

Hat or sunglasses?

I love aviators or cat-eye sunglasses. With aviators, you can get those reflective lenses, so that when you take a selfie, you can see the beach in them.

Wow, you’ve thought that through. Flip-flops? Yes or no?

I prefer a cool slide.

And jorts?

I like high-waisted denim, but vintage. Don’t cut them yourself.

What do you like about the Date V wire bra?

It’s great for summer because the racerback and V-cut plunge allow you to layer. And the prints are really bright and colorful.

Would you ever wear it without a shirt?

I think you could with high-waisted shorts. It’d be perfect.

Do you ever get nervous on set posing in your underwear?

At first, maybe, but listening to upbeat hip-hop helps.

What music are you listening to right now?

I love the new Drake album, More Life and my favorite song is “Get It Together.” I work out to it, too.

What’s your workout routine?

I like to do some cardio before weights, so running on the treadmill with incline off then on, then I’ll get off and do squats, lunges, arms, pushups, and stuff like that.

Do you have any summer beauty essentials?

I really like Glossier’s Invisible Sunscreen because it doesn’t leave a white tan on your face. I also just keep my hair up most of the summer and use some coconut oil when I go to the beach, because the salt water can really dry your hair out.

Any summer vacation plans?

Not really. This is my first summer living in New York City, so maybe the Hamptons one weekend?

First summer in the city! What do you think so far?

It’s so hot. And I’m from Florida.

What are some things people might not know about you from Instagram?

I love to cook and I have a dog named Migo, who’s a Pomeranian Australian shepherd.

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