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Ocean Drive Magazine 2015:

Usually, when an international model starts a conversation by saying that her flight to Colombia leaves in two hours, you can expect things to feel rushed. Not with Joy Corrigan. It’s just another Wednesday for the Miami It girl with 175,000 Instagram followers. Here, the North Carolina-bred top model talks about growing up surrounded by siblings and llamas, the pitfalls of shooting in the South African desert, and why carry-ons are the way to go.

You’re a transplant to Miami?
I grew up in North Carolina, on a farm outside of Raleigh. I had horses, llamas, goats—everything you could think of. I have six brothers and three sisters. We were homeschooled, which gave me a different approach to interacting with people. I see everyone as a sister or a brother, because that’s who was around. I also did karate for eight years. I’m a second-degree black belt in tangsudo, a martial art from North Korea.

That’s a far cry from South Beach.
When I was 14, I was walking through the mall in Raleigh. In Delia’s, a girl came over and asked if I wanted to be in their fashion show. I said, “Sure, I’d love to.” I was nervous, but it sold me. As soon as I turned 18, I moved to Florida and signed with an agency.

Who are you excited about working with at the moment?
One of my favorite clients is Éxito in Medellín. This weekend, I’m going to France to shoot with T1 Advertising. We’re shooting in the French Alps, so I have to buy a coat; I don’t own one. I also love working for the Colombian brand Liliana Montoya.

Any specific campaigns or shoots that you feel define you as a model?
I just worked with Argento Beachwear. It’s one of the top swimsuit designers from Turkey. I love shooting for Marie Claire in New York.

Where else do you shoot?
I was working in Milan last summer; that’s what kick-started it all. I’m a country girl, so when I moved back from Milan, everyone said, “Ooh, international model.” After a while, I went to Capetown and shot in the desert for GQ. The sand kept blowing in my eyes, but it was an amazing shoot.


Where’s your favorite airport?
If I say Miami, is that bad? It’s my second home. I’m in and out. All I use is a carry-on. It takes too long to check a bag. I’ll take all of my clothes out and wear them, just so I don’t have to check a bag.

One morning, you wake up and say, “That was fun, but I’m going to do something else.” What do you do instead of modeling?
I love painting, actually. I have eight different paintings going on. I’d love to do that full time. Right now, I take a lot of pictures.

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